How We Create Brand Identity

How We Create Brand Identity

Taking every aspect of creating and developing brand identities to the Next Level is what we do with each new project. We often start with a flat Illustrator logo like the Audet Electric logo on the left. For years we would develop the simple logos like this in Photoshop, adding a degree of dimensionality with thickness and shadows, as seen in the middle image, but this look has been overused by designers everywhere to the point that this look is commonplace. The version on the right is a 3D model we created that really stands apart from the simpler versions.

Case Study: How we Branded Ike's Beach Services

Starting with Ike's original artwork we re-interpreted it with a more progressive font and stylized water treatment. Specifing Pantone colors for each element is essential for consistent printing. Assigning various computer color codes ensures accurate on-line reproduction of the images.
The next step in the development of Ike's identity was to recreate the logo by modeling it in 3D. Making 4 color separation files provides consistency for various printing technologies.
We further developed the brand by creating entire beach scenes showcasing the beach chairs, umbrellas and kayaks that he rents.
With so many images to work with we wrapped his van with these colorful graphics.
The next step was to decide on the treatment for Ike's web site header.
And finally the images were formatted for business cards, stationary, ads, signs and banners.

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